Diverse: Arcade1Up Mini Cabinet Arcade Game Centipede 122 cm

Arcade1Up Mini Cabinet Arcade Game Centipede 122 cm

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Beskrivelse: These Arcade1Up video game mini cabinets close the gap between video game consoles and real arcade cabinets. Standing approx. 122 cm tall, they are perfectly sized to be played sittting in a chair, but still give you the special gaming experience of a full sized arcade cabinet.

Each cabinet includes three or four legendary arcade games and features retro graphics of the featured game on the outside. There is no coin slot, you can access the games as often and whenever you like.

This cabinet includes the following games:

- Centipede
- Missile Command
- Crystal Castles
- Millipede

The cabinet needs to be assembled in a few easy steps.


- Authentic joysticks and buttons
- 17-inch color LED screen
- Plug-n-Play
- No coin slot
- Continuous play
- Featured game cabinet art
- Dimensions: 122 cm H, 48 cm W, 58 cm D


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Varegrupper: Tastemakers, Bolig, Lys og elektronik

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