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Dark Souls: Dark Souls The Card Game Expansion Forgotten Paths *English Version*

Dark Souls: Dark Souls The Card Game Expansion Forgotten Paths *English Version*


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Expansion Pack for Dark Souls: The Card Game. The Expansion is intended for use with Dark Souls™: The Card Game. (sold separately)

The myriad paths of this sprawling world are legion, each one branching out into a thousand others. Many of these paths are peaceful, untouched by the wars that rage around them. This journey, however, will take you to far darker places.

These are the paths, shattered and crumbling, which have fallen from memory and sight of the Flame. These are the paths, dismal and cursed, where traps and ruin lie around every corner. These are the paths, chilling and treacherous, which are paced only by the monstrous tread of things best left forgotten.

Forgotten Paths is an expansion for Dark Souls™: The Card Game. This expansion features exciting new encounters, powerful new enemies, and all-new rules for terrain and traps to ensure that every battle is a fresh challenge. Four distinctive, unique bosses and a brand-new exploration board provide thrilling adventure for even the most experienced players of the core game.

Content: 2 Character Data cards, 56 Starting Deck cards, 33 Treasure cards, 10 Terrain cards, 20 Trap cards, 23 Encounter Cards, 25 Enemy Cards, 38 Boss Cards, 1 Exploration Board, 1 Rulebook

- Players: 1-4
- Recommended Age: 12 years and up
- Playing Time: 45-60 minutes
- English Edition

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