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Diverse: Age of Dirt: A Game of Uncivilization Board Game

Age of Dirt: A Game of Uncivilization Board Game

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Beskrivelse: In Age of Dirt, you'll control of a small tribe at the dawn of civilization, and send out your workers in the hopes of collecting the resources you need to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, they won't always listen. Before collecting resources, you'll have to drop all the workers in that resource's space through The Passage, a three-dimensional, mountain shaped tower, where they will tumble and get stuck, leaving only a few to get out and actually collect that resource. The rest will have to wait to be knocked loose on a future turn.

So, if you send a worker to the Forest to collect wood and berries, they might end up in the Mountains, collecting herbs, the Plains hunting for fur, or the Love Tent making...growing your population. They might also bring some predators out of The Passage with them, and not come back at all.

Players will use the resources their workers end up with to arm their workers with spears and drums, to make a larger cave, or to build an invention, earning victory points for their tribe. The first player to build a total of 10 victory points wins the game!

- 2-5 players
- Ages 14+
- Playing time: 45 min


- The Passage
- Resource tokens
- Drum Stick
- Reserve Board
- 4 Location Boxes
- 2 Predator cubes (Bear and Tiger)
- 33 Invention Cards
- 9 Event Cards
- 9 Clan Cards
- 5 Player sets, each including:
- 1 Cave Board
- 7 Worker Cubes
- 5 Spear Cards
- 5 Drum Cards

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